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5th June 2020 
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About David

Having had a successful seventeen year career as a dancer and actor, David decided to step down from the stage and follow his deep passion to work in the healing arts.

David is proud to be a fully qualified and insured Reflexologist carrying forward this gentle yet potent healing modality, and a qualified/insured Sports/Remedial masseur and Soft Tissue Therapist working to meet the needs of his clients whether they be functionally restorative or relaxing.

For the past few years David has had the the great privilege of working at the Helios foundation in London where he facilitates energy healing sessions and massage treatments for, amongst others, people living with chronic and lifelong conditions.

His journey into various complimentary health modalities started over sixteen years ago. Since then life has gently moved David towards and through what he sees as “paths of initiation", something he believes we all move through so as to grow, expand and become more balanced and whole. His passion over the years for self-healing, and the belief that as individuals we all house the ability to bring ourselves more into balance in all areas of our lives, led David to train in the ancient practices of shamanism. David believes this work underpins all the rest of his work and is continuously expanding his awareness into the vast growing area of energy medicine.

David still has strong links to the world of the performing arts. Yet regardless of where his focus is placed, his facilitating work coupled with his passion for personal growth, guides him to leading those he works with towards a sense of purpose and empowerment.