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5th June 2020 
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About Your Treatment

Your Massage Treatment

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If you have booked a massage for purely relaxation and pampering purposes, after a brief consultation to check there are no contraindications to you having the treatment, I will leave the room whilst you undress down to underwear or shorts and position yourself under the towels on the massage couch. Then all that is needed is for you to enjoy the pampering!

If you have come for a deeper work, whether that be for something specific or for a "tune up", I will take a brief history of any issues and then discuss and evaluate the soft tissue requirements.

All treatments are tailored to the needs of the client. Some or all of the following techniques may be used -

- Postural analysis
- Techniques to warm, relax and lengthen the muscles to their correct resting position
- Deep tissue techniques to release more stubborn tension
- Friction techniques to address any scar tissues issues that may be present
- Soft Tissue Release to rehabilitate the soft tissue
- Muscle Energy Techniques to rehabilitate the soft tissue
- Joint mobilisation

After your treatment I will discuss with you, and demonstrate, stretching exercises which will support the treatment you have just received. If dealing with any chronic conditions, subsequent appointments can be arranged depending on the problem and condition needing treatment.

Your Reflexology Treatment

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During your treatment, you will be reclined in a comfortable chair with your shoes and socks off. My treatment room is peaceful and ambient to help you relax as deeply as possible. It's your safe space to truly unwind and rejuvenate. When visiting your home, clients find it most comfortable to lie down on a bed during the treatment. If locally, I'm happy to bring along my reclining reflexology chair.

I will then use my thumbs, finger and knuckles to apply pressure all over the feet and sometimes lower leg. Some areas may feel tender when pressed, this can be an indication of an imbalance which is being addressed, is usually transient and will pass.

The effects of reflexology are unique to each individual. Most will experience a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, whereas some find it uplifting and energising. Occasionally, a client may have a healing reaction to a treatment and experience symptoms such as mild headaches, tiredness, rising emotions or have a more frequent need for the toilet. This can indicate that the body's own healing capabilities are at work and is seen by reflexologists as a positive sign, and should pass within 24-48 hours.

After the treatment I may talk to you about what I felt and offer some thoughts. Some clients like to hear about their treatment, others are happy to just simply receive their treatment. Either way, as a holistic practitioner I am there to support you as a whole person and promote your wellbeing.

Clients may choose to have a course of treatments, especially if they are currently living with chronic conditions, whilst others simply have treatments to relax the mind and body to counteract stress as and when. If a client is turning to reflexology to see if it can help with something specific, I usually advise a treatment plan as the effects of any modality are accumulative.